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My name is Travis Bontrager. Welcome to my website! I started writing computer programs when I was just 11 years old with the aid of a book entitled Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer. I loved it! Since my parents couldn't afford a computer, I wrote out programs with paper and pencil, and then entered and ran them later on a friend's computer. I remember the first time I saw the words "Hello World" appear on the screen. It was amazing! I was hooked.

In my teenage years I got a job so I could purchase my own computer - an old, used desktop (which I loved). I taught myself the fundamentals of computer programming using Microsoft BASIC, and spent every free hour I could designing programs and writing code. I took three years of computer programming classes in high school - two semesters of BASIC, and two semesters of Pascal, followed by two semesters of independent study teaching myself C - which helped me refine my skills further. I was accepted to the computer science program at Purdue University, but left after just two semesters. I kept programming as a hobby and still enjoy it immensely. Over the years, I've tinkered around with an assortment of programming languages using various books and free resources on the Internet.

I recently decided to return to school, complete my degree, and pursue a career in the software/web development field. I attended Regis University's School of Computer and Information Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude with an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in May 2017. All my core programming classes at both Purdue and Regis were taught using C++. My Senior Capstone Project, which is a website for a local flooring store, can be viewed at qualityfloor.biz. I designed and implemented the entire site from scratch using responsive web design techniques, which was the focus of my research and self-learning for the project. Check it out, especially if you live in northeast Indiana and need some new flooring installed.

Currently, I am seeking a development position while continuing to improve my skills. I am committed to continued education and have been working toward some certifications while also teaching myself C#. Please, check out the rest of my website. Read my resume or my latest blog entry and leave me a message on my message board if you would like. Thank you for taking the time to visit my little website. Have a great day!

Skills and Technlologies: C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, XML, Prolog, Pascal, BASIC, UML, Responsive Web Design, Object Oriented Programming, UNIX Shell Scripting, Windows, UNIX, Linux, iOS, Android, Visual Studio, Eclipse, DEV C++, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

W3Schools Certified
  • Certified JavaScript Developer
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