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My Personal Homepage

Created: April/May 2017
This is the website currently being viewed. In an effort to continue my education and build my programming and web development skills, I have implemented this personal website as a portfolio for my past and current projects. I started developing it, after graduation, in the Spring of 2017. Links to the following projects can be found here. I have included a personal blog and also a message center where visitors to my site can post public messages to me (The interface is meant to be similar to posting on social media). These additions were included mainly to require my further practice with back-end development. This is the first full website I have developed which is not only responsive, but also implemented with a mobile first design. This website was developed for a LAMP stack using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end with PHP and a MySQL database comprising the back-end. Please explore it further.


Quality Floor Website

Created: Febuary/March 2017
As the culminating experience of my degree program, I defined and implemented a unique Capstone Project which was a website for Quality Floor (A local flooring store where I have worked as an installer for fifteen years). This website includes static content, a dynamic price list loaded from a database, a price list editor (for use by company employees only), and a rough estimate generator (for use by customers who take their own measurements). The focus of my research for this project was Responsive Website design, over which I wrote a fifteen page paper, and as such the entire website is designed to be responsive to the device it is being viewed on. This website was developed for a LAMP stack using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end with PHP and a MySQL database comprising the back-end. I got an A on this project.


Interstellar Pet Emporium

Created: October/November 2014
During my Web Programming class, I created a mock boutique which sold exotic animals from outer space as my term project. The website includes a main page, a products gallery page, individual pet listing pages, an about us section, a section with contact information, an ordering page, and a form to accept payment and shipping information. The credit card form only verifies that the credit card information is in the correct format - it doesn't do anything with the information. I employed my creativity heavily in creating the content for this website. I'm especially proud of the pet descriptions and the About Us story. This website was developed for a LAMP stack using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I got an A on this project.


My First Website

Created: October 2014
This is not my very first website. I learned HTML at Purdue in 1994, back when the Web was brand new. This is however the first website I created for my Web Programming class at Regis. It's a very basic design implemented using only HTML. Clearly my web design skills have improved since this project.


JavaScript Browser Games

Snake Game

Created: June 2017
My clone of the classic snake game. I hacked this code together on a whim, over a couple of days after work, using the HTML5 canvas tag and no prior knowledge of the logic involved. The game is composed of just over 100 lines of JavaScript with just under 100 lines of HTML and CSS defining the interface.

C# Programs

Mock Payroll Program - MockPayroll.zip

Created: May 2017
This downloadable zipped folder contains an application file, the source code file, and a text file necessary for running the application.

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